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  2. "Ready Army" campaign begins as part of National Preparedness Month.
    Key Points:
    • Another key part of National Preparedness Month will be the debut of the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System or ADPAAS, officials said, adding that this will be the official Army tool for personnel accountability in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.
    • "Hurricane Katrina caught the services off guard with no real procedures in place to gain and maintain accountability of personnel and their family members," said Lt. Col. Trudy Leonard, chief of the Personnel Contingency Cell for the Army G-1.
    • ADPAAS was built based on a directive from the Department of Defense to address this issue. This Web-based tool allows Families to update information by using the internet or calling a toll-free number. In addition, ADPAAS will assist officials to determine the status of Army Families and then provide assistance as needed. For more information on ADPAAS, visit:
    • The article is located on the Army News website at:
  3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (PTSD/MTBI) Chain Teaching Program
  4. CONUS Replacement Center (CRC), Ft. Benning

Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) is a comprehensive process that ensures Soldiers, DA civilians and their families are better prepared and sustained throughout the deployment cycle. It provides a means to identify Soldiers, DA civilians and families who may need assistance with the challenges inherent to extended deployments. Personal reconstitution for Soldiers is both commanders' and sergeants' business, and the Army provides them with the right tools and training to execute the mission. The goal of the DCS process is to facilitate Soldier, DA civilian and family well-being throughout the deployment cycle. All Soldiers deployed away from home station for 90 days or more will complete the DCS process. Services for DA civilians and families are integrated in every stage of the process, and they are highly encouraged to take advantage of the resources provided.