Uniform Policy

Information on this page is provided to enhance your comprehension of uniform policies established within the updated AR 670-1 and the new accompanying DA Pam.

AR 670-1 and DA Pam 670-1 are located on the Army Publishing Directorate's web page at the following links:

AR 670-1
DA Pam 670-1

What's New


The Army recognizes the concerns expressed by Soldiers who believe they are restricted by the number of natural hairstyles authorized by the Army. We are committed to providing our leaders and Soldiers a clear, concise standard on wearing a hairstyle, which portrays a professional, conservative image. The Army continues to review uniform policies for improvement. Soldiers are encouraged to submit written recommendations on their suggested changes to the hairstyle policies outlined in AR 670-1 to the Army G-1. Such recommendations will be outlined on a DA Form 2028, processed through the chain of command, and e-mailed to usarmy.pentagon.hqda-dcs-g-1.mbx.uniform@mail.mil

Training Package

The following links provide training to coincide with the new uniform policies

  • This training covers most significant uniform policy changes. The following links provide portions of a narrated video, including an introduction and closing by the Sergeant Major of the Army. Click here to download the PDF version of the full training.
    • Sergeant Major of the Army Introduction (Video)
    • Punitive Policies & Accompanying DA Pam (Video or PDF)
    • Male Grooming Standards (Video or PDF)
    • Female Grooming Standards (PDF)
    • Fingernails, Jewelry & Dental Ornamentation (Video or PDF)
    • Tattoo & Branding (Video or PDF)
    • Other Updates & Clarification (ID Tags & Glasses; Bags; Wear of Uniforms at National, Regional, & Local Events; Courtesies & Use of Electronic Devices; Official Travel; Civilian Clothes; Umbrella; Insignia Representing Regimental Affiliation; Wear of Badges) (Video or PDF)
    • How to Recommend Changes (Video or PDF)
    • Sergeant Major of the Army Conclusion (Video)
  • Additional Uniform Policy training topics are available at the following links.
    • Nominative Senior Enlisted Leader Collar Insignia (PDF)
Effective Dates
  • ALARACT Message 082-2014 outlines the effective dates of changes released within AR 670-1 and its accompanying DA Pam.
Tattoo Validation
  • Commanders should start with this sample memo when validating their Soldier's tattoos/brands IAW AR 670-1. Records managers should post the memos and full page photo attachments to the Soldiers' IAW AR 600-8-104. Additional information is available in the training section of this page.