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Captain Rosanna Vasquez Brown

Portrait of CPT Rosanna Vasquez Brown

CPT Rosanna Vasquez Brown is a twice-deployed OIF veteran with a 15-year career in the U.S. Army who has exemplified leadership throughout her years as an enlisted Soldier and officer. She began her Army career at the age of 23 by enlisting in the Army Reserve after completing four years of study at Stanford University. Her decision to join was heavily influenced by her two younger brothers, CPT Martin Vasquez and SSG Francisco Vasquez, who had joined the Army several years earlier. After spending five years in the Army Reserves, CPT Vasquez Brown decided to go on active duty in order to attend Physician Assistant school. Upon completion of the school, she deployed to Korea where she met and married her husband, MSG Mark Brown, now retired after 22 years of service.

The events of September 11, 2001 dramatically changed the lives of the Vasquez family. With four family members in the Army, one of them has either been stationed overseas, deployed or away on a training event for the past six years.

CPT Vasquez Brown is currently serving in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and is slated to return home from a 15-month tour in Baghdad, Iraq in June 2009. Prior to her promotion to CPT, she was assigned to the 801st Brigade Support Battalion, 101st Airborne out of Fort Campbell, Ky., as the Battalion Physician Assistant. During her first deployment to Iraq, she served as a health care provider in a Level II clinic in Baghdad and was the treatment platoon leader for a group of 25 Soldiers. For her service during this campaign, she was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

CPT Vasquez Brown was featured in the April 2008 issue of Redbook magazine highlighting her role as a Soldier, wife and mother of a seven-year-old daughter. From that feature piece, she was nominated as a finalist in the NBC Teleflora-sponsored Mother’s Day primetime special, “America’s Favorite Mom.”