Lean Six Sigma

White Belt

What is a White Belt

White Belts (WBs) are trained individuals who have a general familiarization with LSS. They can help identify project ideas and may serve as valuable members of a project team. The G-1 / M&RA LSS Deployment Office is utilizing WB level familiarization training to expose a critical mass of its workforce to the power of LSS.

White Belt Training

White Belt training is available in the following two formats:

  1. In Class: White Belt training is held in 4-hour sessions. It provides all participants with a hands-on understanding of LSS tools and techniques, and it explains how they are being used to improve mission critical processes in the Army personnel community.

    To register for WB training, please visit the White Belt Registration page.

  2. Online: A WB training module is available online for candidates that do not readily have access to in class instruction. Although it is IMCOM training, you will receive G-1 WB certification for taking the course (Note: In order to receive G-1 certification, you must work within the DCS G-1 / ASA (M&RA)). Once you have completed the course, a certificate of completion will be generated for your records. To complete the IMCOM WB training, follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Visit the ATRRS Self-Development Center website to access the White Belt training.
    2. Once you have reached the site, click “001” to the left of the “IMCOM Lean Six Sigma Awareness Training” course to begin registration.
    3. Log in using either your CAC or AKO credentials.
    4. Complete and submit the Training Application.
    5. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email containing a link to the training. If you do not receive an email, please contact ATRRS at AHelp@asmr.com or (703) 695-2060.
    6. Click the email link, and enter your AKO credentials when prompted.
    7. Once you’ve logged in, the “Lean Six Sigma Awareness Training” will be listed in the “Current Enrollments” section.
    8. Click “Launch Now”. This will take you to a new page where a “Table of Contents” window will automatically open. If the “Table of Contents” window does not open, click “Lean Six Sigma Awareness Training” in the module section.
    9. Within the new window, click “Lean Six Sigma Awareness Training” to begin the course. Please note that the window may take a few minutes to load, and during this time, you should see a “Loading SCORM data” progress bar.
    10. Once you have completed the training, close the training module.
    11. Click on “Training” at the top of the ALMS page and then “Transcript” on the left side of the page.
    12. Within the ‘Active’ section of the page, specify the date range for which you completed the course and click “Search”.
    13. The “Lean Six Sigma Awareness Training” course should appear with a status of “Successful”. Take a screenshot of this page and send it to the Army G-1 LSS Team to receive G-1 credit for taking the course.