Equal Opportunity Branch (EO)


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(Note: When searching for a specific file only use the publication number. For ‘AR 15-6’ type in ‘15-6’ to get the appropriate publication.)

  • AR 15-6: Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers
  • AR 20-1: Inspector General Activities and Procedures
  • AR 27-10: Legal Services- Military Justice
  • AR 27-40: Legal Services- Litigation
  • AR 210-50: Housing Management- Installations
  • AR 600-20: Army Command Policy & Summary of Change
  • AR 623-105: Officer Evaluation Reporting System
  • AR 623-205: NonCommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System
  • AR 690-12: Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan
  • AR 690-600: Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints
  • DoD Directive 7050.6: Military WhistleBlower Protection
  • JAR 190-24: Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards and Off-Installation Liaison and Operations
  • NGR 600-21: Equal Opportunity Program in the Army National Guard
  • NGR 600-22: National Guard Military Discrimination Compliant System
  • TC 26-6: Commanderís Equal Opportunity Handbook