About HSI - Who We Are

Mission Statement of HSI in Systems Acquisition

A managerial and technical process applying tools and methodologies to optimize total system performance, reduce life cycle costs, and minimize risk of soldier loss or injury by ensuring a systematic consideration of the impact of materiel design on Soldiers throughout the system development process.

Mission Statement of Continuous Process Improvement / Lean Six Sigma

Optimize the critical processes that shape and enable the manning and well-being of the force and enhance the readiness and institutional strength of the Army by providing Continuous Process Improvement / Lean Six Sigma (LSS) services to ASA (M&RA), the G-1 Directorates, the Human Resources Command (HRC), and the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA).

Who are Army HSI Professionals (partial):

- Engineering Psychologists
- Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering
- Research Psychologists
- Industrial Engineering
- Cognitive Engineering
- Human Factors Engineering
- Operations Research Systems Analyst (ORSAs)
- Management Analysts