AR 602-2

Human Systems Integration (HSI) in the System Acquisition Process

Guidance, Policies, and Handbooks

AR 40-10 Health Hazard Assessment Program in Support of the Army Materiel Acquisition Decision Process
AR 70-1 Army Acquisition Policy
AR 70-75 Survivability of Army Personnel and Materiel
AR 71-9 Warfighting Capabilities Determination
AR 73-1 Test and Evaluation Policy
AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program
AR 570-4 Manpower Management
AR 700-127 Integrated Logistics Support
AR 702-19 Reliability Availability Maintainability
DODJSSSEH DoD Joint Software Systems Safety Engineering Handbook
DODD 5000.01 The Defense Acquisition System
DODI 5000.02 Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
DA PAM 70-3 Army Acquisition Procedures
DA PAM 73-1 Test and Evaluation in Support of Systems Acquisition
DA PAM 385-10 Army Safety Program
DA PAM 385-16 System Safety Management Guide
DA PAM 385-30 Risk Management
DA PAM 602-X Guide for Human Systems Integration (HSI) in the System Acquisition Process (in process)
DA PAM 700-28 Independent Logistics Assessments
DA PAM 700-127 Integrated Product Support Procedures
DA PAM 700-142 Instructions for Type Classification, Materiel Release, Fielding and Transfer
MIL-STD-1472G Department of Defense Design Criteria Standard Human Engineering
MIL-STD-46855A Human Engineering Requirements for Military Systems, Equipment and Facilities
MIL-STD-882 Department of Defense System Safety
TR 71-12 Force Development Command Capability Management
TR 71-20 Force Development Concept Development Capabilities Determination Capabilities Integration
TR 385-2 The Defense Acquisition System