About HSI - Services for Program Management and Testing Evaluation

Front-End Analysis

- User Research
- User Needs Analysis
- User Journey Maps
- Function Analysis
- Task & Workflow Analysis
- Information Architecting
- Product Reviews / Competitive Analysis
- Focus Groups & User Juries
- Process Mapping - 'As-Is' to 'To-Be'
- User Centered Requirements Identification
- Requirements Decomposition
- Reverse Engineering

Conceptual Design

- Use Case Development (personas, scripted scenarios, and storyboards)
- Human Centered Modeling and Simulation (JACK, JASS, C3TRACE, IMPRINT)
- Interface Design
- Functional Allocation (determining appropriate user tasks vs system/software tasks)
- Prototyping
- System Archetecture

Iterative Design, Selection, Testing, and Evaluation

- Warfighter Interviews
- Usability Testing (market and comparative usability studies)
- System Safety Assessments
- Logistics Demonstration Evaluations
- Design Reviews (heuristic evaluations, participatory design source selection techniques)
- System Safety Assessments
- Vulnerability and Lethality Assessments
- New Equipment Training Evaluation
- Developmental and Operational Test Planning and Evaluation