About HSI - What is HSI in Systems Acquisition?

Mission Statement of HSI in Systems Acquisition

A managerial and technical process applying tools and methodologies to optimize total system performance, reduce life cycle costs, and minimize risk of soldier loss or injury by ensuring a systematic consideration of the impact of materiel design on Soldiers throughout the system development process.

HSI Domains:

- Manpower
- Personnel
- Training
- Human Factors Engineering
- Safety and Occupational Health
- Force Protection and Survivability
- Habitability

Comply with the JCIDS Process (DoD Instruction 5000.02)

"HSI should be included as an integral part of a total system approach to weapon systems development and acquisition."

Comply with the Army Aquisition Process (Army Regulations 602-2)

"It is imperative that a total HSI effort begins as early as possible in system acquisition and that user feedback is used to maximize the influence on system design. HSI integrates and facilitates trade-offs among seven domains."

Our Soldiers should have the best possible equipment to support them and their work