Military Personnel - (MP)

Miscellaneous Policies


Provides information on the CO-ADOS application procedures and provides examples of a DA Form 4187, Unit Roster and CO-ADOS orders process diagram.

Enlisted Involuntary Early Separation Program

Stop Loss

Provides soldiers affected by Stop Loss with implementing guidance and a detail matrix, by component (e.g. Active Army and Ready Reserve), showing which voluntary separation actions are affected and not affected by Stop Loss.


Stop Move

Provides Active Component soldiers affected by Stop Move with the Army-wide announcement and detailed implementing guidance.


Reporting Requirements and Responsibilities for Replacement Flow - ALARACT 005-2005

Soldier Readiness

ADME Procedural Guidance

Provides guidance on the Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME) Program.

Medical Retention Processing

Provides guidance on medical readiness processing for mobilized RC Soldiers - MRP documents apply to those currently on mobilization orders.

Individual Dwell Time (IDT) Deployment Policy as of November 2007