Equal Opportunity Branch (EO)

Equal Opportunity Reporting System (EORS)

Welcome to Headquarters Department of the Army Equal Opportunity Reporting System (EORS) database. The Equal Opportunity Reporting System (EORS) database is used to collect, record, and maintain racial, ethnic group, and gender data and statistics needed to support the Army EO Program, to include AAP reporting requirements. In Accordance with (IAW) AR 600-20, ch 6-16, all MACOMs will submit a Quarterly Narrative and Statistical Report (QNSR) on equal opportunity progress to Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) no later than 30 days following the end of each quarter. Reports will be submitted to the Human Resources Directorate, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff (ODCS), G-1 utilizing the automated Equal Opportunity Reporting System (EORS).

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The database is for “AUTHORIZED USERS ONLY”. You must be an Equal opportunity Advisor (EOA), EO Sergeant Major, or EO Program Manager to access this database. HQDA Database Administrator will monitor access to this site.

Reports will include the following information:

  • Complaint Information - total number of formal Army complaints filed by quarter, according to type (gender, ethnicity, racial, religious).
  • Command Profile - Command position breakout, by racial, ethnic and gender groups.
  • Population Report - Unit population racial, ethnicity and gender groups.
  • Major Subordinate Command (MSC) Data - Listing of all MSC's with breakout of total number of brigades,battalions and companies (MSC MACOM will be included). This also reflects number of EOAs required, authorized, and on hand.
  • EOA listing - Alphabetical listing of all EOA's with information on race, gender, unit, level, staffing and comments.
  • Quarterly EO Report - Who conducted Command Inspection Program (CIP)/Staff Assistance Visits (SAV), number of training sessions conducted, and number of Commander and First Sergeants who attended commander's courses.
  • Unit Assessment (UA) Report - Listing of UAs conducted for the quarter by MSC or unit level to include the tool used to conduct the UA, and comments.