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Military Equal Opportunity Courses provided by DEOMI

Equal Opportunity Advisor Course

The EO Advisor Course is a 10 week course (7 weeks of DoD Equal Opportunity training and 3 weeks of Service Specific training). The curriculum develops a base of knowledge and skills that allows graduates to assess human relations climates in the organizations they serve, and to provide advice and assistance to commanders to prevent, reduce, or eliminate discriminatory practices. The course uses a building-block concept. Studies progress from communications to individual and group behavior, through studies of major ethnic groups, aspects of power and discrimination, EO advisor skills, and conclude with Service specific studies. Graduates are qualified to serve as full-time EO advisors.

Target Audience: Military and DoD civilian personnel who serve as advisors to Commanders on Equal Opportunity matters.

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Equal Opportunity Advisor Reserve Component Course (Resident Phase)

Target Audience: Reservists, National Guard and DoD civilians who advise Reserve Component Commanders on Equal Opportunity matters.

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Leadership Team Awareness Courses (LTAC)

(Formerly the Senior Enlisted Equal Opportunity Course)

Conducted in a joint Service environment, the course is designed to allow senior leaders serving in key organizational positions an opportunity to explore evolving human relations and equal opportunity/equal employment opportunity (EO/EEO) issues and gain an understanding of their impacts upon unit cohesion and mission effectiveness. Beginning with how values and prejudices are formed and acted out, the course raises senior leader awareness of personnel dynamics and incorporates participants' personal and professional experiences in solving organizational issues. Participants are encouraged to bring real-world issues and problems to the table, give and receive feedback, and explore the impact of their personal behaviors on others, the group, and on larger organizational systems. The program is divided into the following topics:

  1. Socialization and Values
  2. Dynamics of Power
  3. Sexism and Sexual Harassment
  4. Leading a Culturally Diverse Workforce
  5. Contemporary EO Issues
  6. Future Focus

Target Audience: Attending together or separately, this course is designed for senior officers (commanders and key staff/department heads 0-3 – 0-6) and their senior enlisted advisor (E-7/E-9) and civilians including legal officers, chaplains, and inspector general personnel in leadership positions. This course is not a substitute for the EOA or EO Program Manager Courses. This course is not designed to fulfill requirements for EO/EEO practioners.

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