HIV Policy and DNA Registration

Army Reserve Component


What if your first blood test is positive?

USAR Soldiers who test positive for HIV will be afforded a second test.

What if your second blood test is positive?

If your second test is positive, you are considered confirmed as being HIV positive.  At the time you are notified of this second positive, you will receive an Option Counseling from your commander.  After the Option Counseling you will have 30 days to decide whether to:  request a discharge if you are an enlisted Soldier, resign you commission if you are an officer, voluntarily transfer to the Standby Reserve, voluntarily transfer to the Retired Reserve (if eligible), or remain assigned as a unit member.  At the end of the 30 days if you select the option to stay a unit member, you will have an additional 90 days to have what is called a “Fit for Duty” physical examination.  This exam will be performed by your private physician, at your expense.  USARC POC will tell the doctor which tests to perform.  The exam will be sent through command channels to the Office of the Surgeon General, United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) where fitness for duty will be determined.

Can you remain in a unit and continue to drill?

If you are found fit by the Office of the Surgeon General, your chain of command will help you locate a vacant, nondeployable position within commuting distance of your home that matches your grade and MOS or AOC for reassignment.  A nondeployable position is one identified as not requiring overseas deployment during a time of mobilization.  If you are assigned to such a position, then you will be allowed to continue your participation as a unit member, but you will have to have a Fit for Duty physical exam, at your own expense, annually.  As long as you are found fit by the Office of the Surgeon General, you can remain a unit member.  Regardless of what you might have heard, you will not be “kicked out” or involuntarily discharged if you are identified as HIV positive. 

When can you not remain a member of a unit?
If you:

  • fail to return your Option Counseling with an authorized selection within the 30 day suspense
  • fail to have any of your Fit for Duty physical exams by the required suspense dates
  • are found not fit by the Office of the Surgeon General
  • or if a vacant nondeployable position cannot be found for you within 30 days of your being found fit for duty

If you meet any of the criteria above you will be involuntarily transferred to the Standby Reserve.  Once assigned to Standby Reserve the US Army Reserve Personnel Command (HRC-St. Louis) HIV Program Manager will help you, if you wish, to find a unit for attachment where you can drill for points only and will receive no drill pay, or to go through the Fit for Duty physical exam procedure and locate a vacant nondeployable unit position for reassignment if you are found fit for duty. 

Who will know that you are HIV positive?

Only those individuals in your chain of command who your commander has decided have a “need to know”.  Your status will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.