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Army Values 2007 poster Loyality - 2007 Army Values poster Duty - 2007 Army Values poster Respect - 2007 Army Values poster
Service - 2007 Army Values poster Honor - 2007 Army Values poster Integrity - 2007 Army Values poster Personal Courage - 2007 Army Values poster

Army Values Campaign Plan


The Army Values Campaign Plan was launched in 2005 with the publication of the Executive Office Headquarters Army Values letter. The intent of the campaign was to re-emphasize the importance of Army Values throughout the force. It continues today with the publication of the revised Army Values posters, which embody the spirit of our warriors while reminding us of the importance of our core Values. Current efforts are geared toward completion of a training video that will be provided to training schools and posted on this website.


To reemphasize and reinvigorate Army Values throughout the Army, for Active and Reserve Components, and DA Civilians.

Values Posters, Cards, and ID Tags


All Soldiers receive Values Cards and ID Tags when undergoing initial entry training. Values Posters are posted in public areas within Army organizations.

Ordering Procedures:

  • Values Cards and ID Tags. Units may reorder cards and tags through their Regional Training Support Centers (TSCs). Order numbers are GTA 22-06-004 for the Values Card and GTA 22-06-005 for ID Tags. A list of TSCs is online at the following address:
  • Posters. Units receive posters IAW their publications subscription. Units may order additional sets of the posters through their Publications Control Officer.