Housing Policy

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Mission: To enhance readiness through the development, interpretation, revision, and implementation of Army personnel housing policies in support of Soldiers, Families, and other Army housing customers. To ensure that adequate and equitable off-post housing (primary source) as well as family and unaccompanied on-post housing is received upon availability.

Personnel Housing Policy

Department of Defense (DOD) and Army “personnel” housing policies concerning housing eligibility, equal opportunity, assignment, adequacy, occupancy, and termination are equitable and reasonable. The personnel housing policies (G-1) and the facilities housing program (OACSIM) comprise one of the critical building blocks of Soldier/Family well-being. Changes to either the personnel policies or the facilities program must be fully researched and coordinated prior to any attempt to implement. There must be no opportunity for a real or perceived erosion of the single Soldier or Soldier/Family levels of living.

The DOD Housing Manual (DOD 4165.63M) is the foundation for Army Regulation (AR 420-1), Army Facilities Management, dated 2 November 2007. This regulation replaced the previous Army Housing Management directive (AR 210-50). The other military services also base their housing regulations on the DOD Manual.

AR 420-1 is a well-balanced, effective policy, management, and operational tool, which strives to help Soldiers and Families. It provides Senior Mission Commanders with the guidance, authority, and responsibility they need to make decisions regarding local housing matters. OACSIM and the G-1 continue to share proponency.

The G-1 retains the following responsibilities in AR 420-1:

  1. Set forth policy on:
    1. eligibility for, assignment to, and termination from housing;
    2. adequacy standards for housing;
    3. military compensation issues related to housing; and
    4. off-post housing services (70% of our military personnel reside off-post) and Equal Opportunity in off-post housing programs; and
  2. Serve as the proponent agency for personnel housing policies set forth in Sections III (Assignment, Occupancy, and Termination), IV (Adequacy Standards) and VI (Housing Services Office) of AR 420-1, Chapter 3. The remainder of the regulation consolidates selected Facilities Engineering regulations and synopsizes other publications that provide detailed facilities management which fall under OACSIM’s purview. Separation of the regulation with a focus on “Soldiers & Families” components and facilities chapters illustrates the personnel policy versus facilities check-and-balance relationship, which exists within the Army Staff. The result is a positive coordinative tension between DCS-G-1 and other agencies that stabilizes the housing policies and programs for the benefit of the Army, Soldiers, and Families.

Fundamentally, this office develops, interprets, amends, and maintains Army personnel housing policies in such a way as to support all Soldiers, Family members, and other Army housing customers. We strive to be sensitive to the specific needs of all individuals, ensuring they receive adequate, equitable, and effective Family, unaccompanied, and off-post housing.

For more information contact your local housing office, your IMCOM housing representative or g1housingpolicy@conus.army.mil.

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