Leadership Policy

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Mission To enhance the readiness of the Army by embedding the human dimension into all leadership and leader development policies, programs, and initiatives to better enable the Army to meet its objectives.

Key Theme: The development of self-aware, adaptive, and capable leaders, who are ingrained with the Army Values and Warrior Ethos, is central to the success of our Army now and in the future.

Messages: Effective leadership is a combat multiplier and the key to readiness. Army Values, the Warrior Ethos, and the Soldier’s Creed are our foundation.

Major Responsibilities of the Leadership Policy Branch

Army Leadership - top

Status: The revision to the regulation was published on 8 March 2007 and is available on the U.S. Army Publications Agency website: http://www.usapa.army.mil/

General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award Program - top

Status: In August 2010, the Army will publish an ALARACT message announcing the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award Program for calendar year 2010. In March 2011, the Army will announce the 28 recipients of the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award. Recipients will attend an awards ceremony at the Pentagon in May 2011. The Chief of Staff, Army (CSA) and the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation host the awards ceremony. Recipients will receive an engraved 15 pound bronze bust of General MacArthur from the MacArthur foundation.

Objective: To recognize company grade officers who demonstrate the ideals for which General MacArthur stood - duty, honor, and country. The award promotes and sustains effective junior officer leadership in the Army.

Website - MacArthur Leadership Award Website

Army Mentorship Program - top

Status: The Army Mentorship Program is a voluntary, web-based program that encourages Mentorship beyond the chain of command. The total Army community (all Soldiers, DA civilians, spouses, retirees, veterans, and contractors with AKO access), may seek mentors or mentees through the use of the on-line mentorship resources and references, guidance, tools, chat forums, and a searchable profile server. Mentorship is a powerful tool than can help build competence, leadership skills, self-awareness, and morale.

Intent: To leave a legacy through mentorship. Mentors offer their perspective on what it takes to succeed in the Army and pass on their knowledge and experience to the mentee. Using this knowledge, mentees can advance their confidence, skills, and capabilities; maximize their potential; and grow beyond their expectations.

Website - Mentorship

Army Values - top

Status: The Army Values posters were published in March 2007; here are the ordering instructions.

Intent: Army Values are the baseline, core, and foundation of every Soldier. Along with the Warrior Ethos, Army Values guide the way Soldiers live their lives and perform their duties. They are an inherent part of the Army culture and promote norms of conduct to which all Soldiers must adhere. The moral and ethical tenets of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Army Values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) characterize the Army’s professionalism and culture, and describe the ethical standards expected of all Soldiers.

Website - Army Values