U. S. Army Soldier Leader Risk Reduction Tool

Please note that the Soldier and Leader Risk Reduction Tool (SLRRT) is the Risk Assessment Tool that is referred to in ALARACT 221/2012, para. 3.C.1.D (Army Stand Down for Suicide Prevention).

The Army has designed the USA SLRRT as a tool to aid leaders in determining a Soldier's level of functioning in six key inter-related domains:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional/behavioral
  3. Occupational
  4. Social/interpersonal
  5. Financial
  6. Legal/disciplinary

The purpose of the SLRRT is to facilitate a conversation between you, the leader and Soldier, identify issues of concern and connect Soldiers to appropriate local and national resources when necessary. Leaders should use this tool along with other sources of information to help determine the Soldier's level of functioning. It serves as a guide during the developmental counseling process; leaders will document any pertinent issues of concern and the associated action plan on the Developmental Counseling Form, DA Form 4856.

Also available is a Guide for Use of the U.S. Army SLRRT to facilitate its use and to obtain the desired results - knowing our people better and provide the resources they need. It provides a comprehensive list of leader and Soldier responsibilities to support the overall well-being of our Soldiers and YOU.

Lastly, the video titled, "Healthy and Ready" U.S. Army SLRRT Intro video, is intended to provide a better understanding of the usefulness of the SLRRT using vignettes and captions to highlight its key components. If you have recommendations for improving this tool or the guide, request you direct them to the Army Suicide Prevention Program

SLRRT Intro Video Healthy and Ready