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The Well-Being Division is the Army G-1 staff agent that integrates Army Well-Being programs, policies, initiatives and constituent interest, and provides Army senior leadership with analysis of Army Well-Being in support of the Human Dimension of Readiness.

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Liaison Office

Assisting The Army Leadership with its constituent communities to ensure the effective delivery of Well-Being programs to The Army by providing focused representation of constituent interests and attitudes as they relate to Well-Being.

Program Integration

Continuously interfaces with proponents, constituents and affected organizations, capturing information and incorporating programs/systems to facilitate results-oriented activities in support of Army Well-Being functions.

Strategic Integration

Provides the strategic focus (both POM years and beyond) for the Division, and integrates Well-Being across the Army, including all constituencies.

Manages the Well-Being Division's performance management system, ensuring a viable architecture and accurate performance measurement to achieve specific outcomes. Ensures appropriate linkage with the Army Well-Being Resource Cross-Walk and the Strategic Readiness System.

Strategic Communication (Internal & External)

Increase internal and external audience awareness, perception and understanding of Army Well-Being, and its impact on the constituents. Generate, staff and publish the Well-Being Strategic Communications Plan. Ensure that Well-Being themes and messages are consistent and synonymous with Army doctrine.


  • Army Well-Being Magazine - The Army's premier source of Well-Being information quarterly with publication serving Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Civilians, Retirees, Veterans and their Families.
  • Army Well-Being Video
  • Disabled Soldier Support System - The Army provides its severely disabled Soldiers and their families with a system of advocacy and follow-up to provide personal support that assists them in their transition from military service into the civilian community.
  • Well-Being Bifold - A one-page brochure that briefly defines Well-Being. It includes the basic philosophy and framework of Army Well-Being.
  • Well-Being Strategic Plan - This document sets forth The Army's direction for establishing Army Well-Being as an integral part of the Institutional Strength of The Army.


To be the key enabler that provides a holistic perspective of Army Well-Being focused on balancing people needs with the needs of the Army and is responsive to emerging needs of the constituents and the institution.

  • Army Well-Being is directly linked to the relevance and readiness of our Army. Well- Being programs focus on meeting the needs of Soldiers (Active Duty, Army National Guard and Army Reserve), DA Civilians, Veterans, Retirees and Families – before, during and after deployment. In the past, the Army's programs concentrated on the quality of life of our people - defined as a standard of living to which individuals, communities, and nations strive to meet or exceed. Army Well-Being organizes and integrates these quality of life initiatives and programs into a Well-Being "framework. This framework provides a way to measure success in the Army’s people programs and to address emerging needs of our transforming Army. Army Well-Being is the “bridge” that connects Army needs with individual needs and at the core of all Well-Being initiatives are four strategic goals. These goals address the primary and basic needs of each member of the Total Army Family – To Serve, To Live, To Connect and To Grow .
  • or the Army to accomplish its mission – whether in a combat zone or garrison environment – we must all embrace the concept that we have an opportunity To Serve in support of something larger than ourselves. To Live is to be able to live according to a standard of living that we, as an Army, can be proud of. To Connect is to develop and maintain a sense of pride and belonging within the Army Team – Soldiers, DA Civilians, Retirees, Veterans and Families. To Grow is to take advantage of the numerous opportunities the Army provides for personal and professional growth. The objective of Army Well-Being is to address the physical, material, mental and spiritual needs of each member of the Total Army Family so they have the opportunity to achieve each of these goals to the degree they desire, enhancing their preparedness to perform and support the Army’s mission. Army Well-Being directly supports the ongoing Global War on Terrorism through initiatives such as - Deployment Cycle Support (DCS), Disabled Soldier Support System (DS3), and the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) Rest and Recuperation (R&R) Leave Program. Links and information on this page are provided as resources to Army leaders, Soldiers, civilians, retirees, veterans and family members. For more information on Army Well-Being contact the Human Resources Policy Directorate (DAPE-HR) in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1; and visit the Army Families Online Web site –