Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt

What is a Green Belt

Green Belts (GBs) apply LSS to their daily work environments by driving improvements within their facility, department, or natural work group. Although less intensive than Black Belt training, the process of becoming an Army Certified GB requires time and hard work. The goal of a GB is to eliminate waste and reduce variation in the processes surrounding them. It is required that candidates complete a GB certification project. In addition, it is not uncommon for GBs to be part of a Black Belt project team. NOTE: Green Belt training is not a prerequisite for Black Belt Training. Currently, the Army G-1 LSS team does not teach the Green Belt course.

Steps for Attending Army Green Belt Training

If you are interested in becoming an Army Certified GB, review the FY15 OSA-OBT Training Overview found on AKO and determine which course best fits your schedule. Once you have reviewed the schedule, gain approval and support from your direct supervisor to attend training and work on a Lean Six Sigma certification project. Please note that GB training is a two week full time course held over the duration of two months. Once you have gained approval from your direct supervisor, follow the steps outlined below to ensure that you are registered and fully prepared for GB training. In addition, the POCs listed on this site pertain only to DCS G-1 / ASA (M&RA) personnel.  If you are a member of another organization within the Army, please reference the Deployment Directors POC spreadsheet found on AKO to determine your training point of contact.

Five Weeks Prior to the Start of Class
  1. Contact the Army G-1 LSS Team to schedule a meeting with a Master Black Belt (MBB) coach.
  2. Meet with your MBB coach to scope out potential project opportunities within your area and begin drafting a Project Charter.
Four Weeks Prior to the Start of Class
  1. Request access to PowerSteering from either your MBB coach or training POC. Once you have been granted access, login and update your personal profile.
  2. Complete the Online PowerSteering Training Course.
  3. Set-up a Project Profile in PowerSteering (your MBB can help you with this). Once a project profile is created, PowerSteering will generate a project identification number (or “LD number”) to be used when registering for class.
  4. Contact your Lean Six Sigma Deployment Office POC with the following information to complete class registration:

    • Social Security Number
    • Requested training date and location
    • PowerSteering project LD number

    Note: In order to complete GB training, you will need to use the Minitab software package. If you do not have a government laptop at your disposal for training, please open a ticket with the IMCEN helpdesk to request a loaner laptop. At that time, follow up with the G-1 training office to request a Minitab license file so that Minitab may be loaded on the machine.

    An auto-generated email will be created upon course registration. This will serve as your course registration confirmation.
Two Week Prior to the Start of Class

Complete the pre-work (approximately 15-20 hours in length) for your class by visiting the AKO Lean Six Sigma Training page. Once you have navigated to the site, look under the “LSS Training Documents” header on the right side of the page to locate the appropriate pre-work materials.  It is expected that each GB candidate come to class fully prepared with their equipment, software, pre-work, and project charter completed and entered in PowerSteering prior to the first day of class.