Lean Six Sigma

Master Black Belt

What is a Master Black Belt

Master Black Belts (MBBs) are the most experienced of all LSS belts. They coach and mentor GBs and BBs while guiding multiple LSS projects. In addition, they share their knowledge by teaching and facilitating LSS training. It is essential that the G-1 / M&RA possess strong MBBs to support its LSS initiative. Currently, the G-1 / M&RA has outside contractors performing the role of MBBs; however, the goal is for the G-1 / M&RA to develop its own home grown MBBs and become entirely self-sufficient in its LSS efforts/deployment. The G-1 has encouraged leaders to select MBBs who will be the future leaders of our organization.

Attending Army Master Black Belt Training

In order to begin MBB training, a candidate must first be BB trained and certified. The jump between a BB and MBB is significant and requires a considerable commitment increase. Examine the MBB Certification Process Flow Diagram to preview the MBB certification lifecycle. Master Black Belt training is a three week full time course held over the duration of three months. If you are interested in becoming an Army Certified MBB, contact your supervisor. Be aware that there is a nomination process for attending MBB training. You must be nominated and approved to register for MBB training. Supervisors who would like more information concerning the MBB nomination process should visit the AKO Business Transformation Training page or contact Mr. Lee Rivas at (703)-601-9341.