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Echoes updates Retired Soldiers, surviving spouses, and their Families on their benefits and entitlements, developments within the Army, and how they can support the Army in their civilian communities.

The first Retired Army Personnel Bulletin was published in March 1956. It was a four page, monthly bulletin, designed to respond to the Army’s "urgent need" to get information to its 100,000 Retired Soldiers. Retirees had previously received information through inserts in their paychecks. This method did not provide information to those retirees receiving compensation from the (then) Veterans Administration and not receiving pay from the Army, and it limited information to a maximum of 350 words a month.

The publication's name was changed to Army Echoes in January 1979.

Today, Echoes, is a 16 page newsletter. It is published three times a year and mailed or emailed to over one million Retired Soldiers and surviving spouses. The Army mails Echoes to retirees receiving retired pay and annuitants receiving Survivor Benefit Plan annuities at the correspondence address they have on file at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service-Cleveland (DFAS-CL).

The Army also mails Echoes to Retired Reserve Component Soldiers not yet receiving retired pay at the correspondence address on file at the Army Human Resources Command. Surviving spouses who are not receiving a Survivor Benefit Plan annuity may receive Echoes by requesting this in an email to the Editor. The Army emails Echoes to those who have requested it at the e-Echoes registration web page. As of January 2012, all newly retiring Soldiers were required to sign up for e-Echoes, the electronic edition, when they retired or entered the "Gray Area."

Through the years, the name, size and frequency of publication have changed. However, the Echoes' mission of providing a vital communications link between the Army and retired community has remained unchanged.

Comments concerning Echoes should be directed to the Echoes Editor, 200 Stovall St, Room 5N35, ATTN: DAPE-HRR, Alexandria, VA 22332-0470. E-Mail

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