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Search functionality is provided by Google. Simply type one or more search terms (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the search box and hit the 'Enter' key or click on the Search button. Google searches are NOT case sensitive.

Choosing the right search terms is the key to finding the information you need. Start with the obvious – if you're looking for general information on Women, try Women.

But it's often advisable to use multiple search terms; if you're looking for Women in Combat, you'll do better with women in combat than with either women or combat by themselves.

By default, Google only returns pages that include all of your search terms. There is no need to include "and" between terms. Keep in mind that the order in which the terms are typed will affect the search results. To restrict a search further, just include more terms. For example, To find information on the first female soldier to receive the Silver Star, simply type Women in Combat and Silver Star

Sometimes you'll only want results that include an exact phrase. In this case, simply put quotation marks around your search terms. "Woman sergeant awarded Silver Star"